Blip and the C.C.A.D.S.

    (Amazing, 1987)
™ and ©1987 Willard Petrey and Pete Longmeier

Laura and her friends are a bunch of innocent, happy-go-lucky community college art students in boring old Columbus, Ohio. Then a chance trip to a local art supplies store, coupled with a shower of radioactive chemicals inadvertently dropped from a plane passing overhead, and they are far more than merely simple art students. Actually, they’re still pretty simple, but now they have superpowers too, as BLIP and the C.C.A.D.S. And as such, they determine they have a responsibility to protect the world from others and other things that are irrevocably altered by the radioactive materials—such as the art supplies themselves!

This goofy, lighthearted series is published by Amazing Comics. In black-and-white, with plenty of jokes and slapstick humor.

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 Pete Longmeier, Willard PetreyPete Longmeier, Willard Petrey


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