Death of Lady Vampré

 DOLV   (Blackout, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Blackout Comics, Inc.

Virginia on a June day in the year 1862—the Civil War was raging and it was Elizabeth Vampré’s wedding day. All was as beautiful and perfect as it could be, considering the times. But more than the horror of war visited upon the newlyweds that very night—Elizabeth would loose her husband, but yet become a bride again…the bride of the vampire!

The bloody battlefields provided the perfect cover for the undead horde—their feeding went rampant and unhindered. And now poor Elizabeth was amongst them…a beautiful spectre…an angel from hell…the Lady Vampré!

Vampire fans ought to get a good thrill out of this title. There’s a touch of gore, a load of cheesecake, a twist on history…but on top of all this, the first (and only) issue comes with a flip cover featuring the works of Mike Mignola and Gene Colan!

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Origin of Lady Vampré; Origin of Lady VamprTBruce SchoengoodDave Gutierrez

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Signed Edition by Bruce Schoengood; Limited to 5,000 copiesBruce SchoengoodDave Gutierrez

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Deluxe Collectors series set; Includes a signed Nude mini-posterBruce SchoengoodDave Gutierrez