Just Imagine Stan Lee with Jim Lee Creating Wonder Woman

    (DC, 2001)
™ and ©2001 DC Comics

With the new millennial spirit of reinvention, it’s not all that surprising to see companies cross-pollinate, so to speak. The “Just Imagine” series, much like the “Elseworlds” and Amalgam one-shots, takes well-known characters and creates them anew, in this case, with Marvel comics über-god Stan Lee at the writing helm.

In Lee’s version, Wonder Woman is a Peruvian teenager imbued with the powers of the Incan sun god, Mano Capac. When a greedy industrialist unearths the fabled city of Cuzco, powerful demons are unearthed with it and Wonder Woman must stop them. Other familiar names crop up too, Steve Trevor, Diana Prince and Carter Hall all make appearances, although not in the forms readers are used to.

Jim Lee (WildC.A.T.S., X-Men, Gen13) provides the main art, with Gene Colan rendering the “On The Street” backup tale.

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 Stan Lee, Michael UslanJim Lee, Gene Colan