Sheena 3-D Special

 S3DS   (Blackthorne, 1985)

™ and © 1985 Blackthorne Publishing Inc.

Jerry Iger’s classic jungle heroine comes to life once again in this 3-D spectacular from the kings of the medium, Blackthorne Publishing. This female answer to Tarzan and other brawny adventurers first appeared in 1938 in Jumbo Comics, had her own on-going comic series, as well as an earlier 3-D title, and even a TV show in the 1950’s. This is her first appearance in comics since the 1953 3-D Sheena mentioned above. This collection features a stunning cover by Dave Stevens (the Rocketeer).

An interesting footnote is that Iger got his heroine’s name from “sheenies”, a derogatory name once used to refer to Jewish people.

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