Tales of Suspense: Captain America & Iron Man

 TOSM   (Marvel, 2004)

ô and © 2004 Marvel Entertainment Group

Reprinting the first issues of their successful Captain America and Iron Man relaunches as one pamphlet aimed at drumming up a wider audience, Marvel sagely titles it Tales of Suspense, in a nod to the old title shared by these two characters (among others). Both are fantastic issues, with big talent given freedom to reconsider the charactersí premises. The often underrated Ed Brubaker joins with the equally overlooked Steve Epting for a Captain America story with the most promising beginning Capís had in years. Wisely chosen for Iron Man is the team of Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, both of whom have shown their sci-fi chops. Itís a fine start, but in exploring it, Ellis should be mindful of the tiger pit thatís already snared him a few times recently, in which a promising first issue drifts for a bit until an otherwise satisfying ending merely becomes the other bookend to an overstretched middle.

ó Brendan McGinley

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Commemorative Edition; Reprints Captain America (5th Series) #1 and Iron Man (4th Series) #1Ed Brubaker, Warren EllisSteve Epting, Adi Granov