Super Soldier: Man of War

 SSMW   (Amalgam, 1997)

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In mid-1997, DC and Marvel reprised their “Amalgam” universe of with nine new comic titles. Like the previous set, these titles were all one-shots set in a world that was a strange blend of the Marvel and DC universes.

This particular title is set in the Golden Age, as Super Soldier (an amalgam of Captain America and Superman) takes on the Nazis with the help of Sgt. Rock and his Howling Commandos. The goal is to smash a Nazi spy ring by trailing a crate of stolen equipment from America to its final destination. This means that frontline photographer Jimmy Olsen and reporter Clark Kent (a.k.a. Super Soldier) must board a troop ship bound for England, braving the dangers of Nazi submarines, as well as their out-of-control shipmates. Once they arrive in Europe, they soon find themselves helping the Howling Commandos as they escape from a German castle—and flee from the top secret weapon called the War Wheel!

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 Dave Gibbons, Mark WaidDave Gibbons