Blade 2: Movie Adaptation

 B2MA   (Marvel, 2002)

™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

A fairly straightforward, if abbreviated, adaptation of the movie, Blade 2 is the sequel to the original Blade movie. Adapted from sometime-comic writer David Goyer’s original screenplay, this comic finds Blade, the “daywalking” vampire hunter, in pursuit of a new genetically enhanced breed of vampires called Reavers. Also hunting the rapidly multiplying Reavers, the vampire nation is forced to turn to its sworn enemy Blade in the hopes of gaining an edge on the new monsters. Teaming a group of the undead with the one man who can do them the most harm is a risky proposition and proves to add lots of intrigue and backstabbing to the story. Stalwart of previous Blade comics, Whistler (Blade’s armourer and only friend) is again along for the ride, providing grumpy comic relief as a foil to Blade’s ultra-seriousness.

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 Steve Gerber, David GoyerAlberto Ponticelli

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Reprints Tomb of Dracula # 45-53; Official Movie AdaptationSteve Gerber, David GoyerAlberto Ponticelli