Domino Chance: Roach Extraordinaire

 DCRE   (Amazing, 1987)

™ and © Amazing

This titles takes you to distant worlds, strange planets, and Domino Chance, the heroic roach extraordinaire who makes his way through the center of it all. Chance and his buddy Arnie are never afraid to tackle a new adventure, but there are hits a little close to home when one of his old friends is murdered and the quest for his killers pits Chance against the powerful religious leader, Chuck, and his devout Chuckies. Ultimately captured by the villainous evangelist, will Chance’s search for justice dovetail with the ongoing investigation of “Troubles” Galore into the death of a wealthy industrialist?

All is forgiven if you’re lost by this fast-paced series that’s about as outlandish as its title. Spoofs of other comics and society abound.

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B&W; ca. 1987Kevin LenaghKevin Lenagh