The Question Quarterly

 QUEQ   (DC, 1990-1992)


When Vic Sage dons his strange mask, attaching it by use of an adhesive gas, he becomes the faceless man known as the Question. Originally a Charlton character, he came to DC as part of their Crisis on Infinite Earths. Later, he starred in thirty-six issues of his own series, which concluded just as this quarterly title began.

The Question Quarterly may be the perfect format for this character, allowing DC the time and story length to explore his possibilities. The stories are set in a variety of locations—from the jungles of South America, where Sage had fled with his critically ill daughter—to Hub City, where the girl’s mother (and Sage’s former lover), Myra, is the one good politician in one of the worst cities on Earth. Strangely, these supporting characters and subplots are often so interesting that they steal the show from the title character.

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6 copies available from $0.75
Fall 1990Denny O’NeilDenys Cowan


4 copies available from $2.31
Summer 1991Denny O’NeilDenys Cowan


4 copies available from $2.99
Fall 1991Denny O’NeilJoe Quesada


2 copies available from $5.75
Winter 1991Adam BlausteinDenys Cowan


3 copies available from $2.31
Spring 1992; Final IssueDenny O’Neil, Kelley Puckett, Mike Gold, Mike BaronJoe Quesada, Denys Cowan, Mark Badger, Shea Anton Pensa