Bizarre 3-D Zone

    (Blackthorne, 1986)
™ and © 1986 respective creators

This anthology presents stories of fantasy and science fiction, adapted to a 3-D format.

As an example of the series, the first issue features stories such as Spain Rodriguez’s tale of a mountain highway haunted by “The Dark Follower”; Mike Sekowsky’s techno-detective android, Andi, in “The Wrath of Romborr”; Terry Stroud and John Pound’s sardonic revisitation of Philadelphia on July 4, 1976; and Robert Williams’ “Space Waif,” which follows the adventures of Ursa Onyx, the blind, fourteen-year-old hyper-telekinetic.

Welcome to a world where dreams and reality are one, and where humor and terror merge into a single, timeless scenario.

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Issued with 3-D Glasses; Blackthorne 3-D Series #5Jack C. Harris, Terry Stroud, William Stout, Mike Sekowsky, Robert WilliamsSpain Rodriguez, Terry Stroud, Mike Sekowsky, Scott Shaw!, Robert Williams