(Abaculus, 1997-1998)
™ and ©1997 Martin Shipp and Marc Laming

Jacob Guyler’s life has taken a strange turn in recent days. His dead father recently appeared before him, rambling incoherently about an ice pick lobotomy he’d been given, and imploring Jake to find the people responsible. Moments later, soldiers under the command of a General Mayhem burst into Jake’s mobile home, kidnapped him, drugged him, and locked him into a “psyche-resistant” box. He was in the process of being flown to a secret research base when Jake—with the help of a few dozen lost spirits—shattered the box and freed him. Just then, the plane seemed to crash into a mountain…but luckily the last part, at least, was merely an illusion. The rest of Jake’s life, unfortunately, is all too real.

Winner of the British National Comics Award for best new series, Gyre is a bizarre tale of secret government programs, lost souls, psychics, and Hell on Earth. It was created by Six Degrees’ Marc Laming and Martin Shipp.

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Ashcan #1

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Special Edition #1

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