Sex and Death (Acid Rain)

 SADQ   (Acid Rain, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Mark Paniccia

The young police detective enters the crime scene. It is a small room in a shabby apartment. On the floor is the outline of a human figure marking the place where the body of the victim laid—a young woman. There are signs of a struggle. Nearby lies an empty syringe. The young police detective has seen it many times: a typical homicide—the murder of a prostitute. But this time, on this case, in this room, the detective will come closer to death than he’s ever been before.

We think death veils—not true! It unveils! Close proximity to death removes the veil from the detective’s eyes allowing him to see that there is nothing typical about any of it—about this crime, about the people involved, even the small shabby room itself. This black-and-white offering from Mark Paniccia reveals life as it truly is: unique and precious.

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 Mark PanicciaMark Paniccia