Weird Suspense

    (Atlas, 1975)

Weird Suspense featured the tragic character known as the Tarantula. The Tarantula’s story began back in the Middle Ages, when a tarantula cult was terrorizing the land. Led by a raven-haired priestess, the cult would alternately kill villagers or take them away to a place where they would become mystically transformed into giant tarantulas.

The brave Count Lycosa dared to stand up to this priestess, and eventually had her burned at the stake. But with her dying breath, she condemned the Count and his descendants with a terrible curse. They would be transformed into half-man, half-tarantula creatures and would feast on men as tarantulas feasted on flies.

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6 copies available from $5.00
1st Appearance of Tarantula (Count Eugene Lycosa); Origin of Tarantula (Count Eugene Lycosa)Michael FleisherPat Boyette


5 copies available from $3.19
2nd Appearance of Tarantula (Count Eugene Lycosa)Michael FleisherPat Boyette


4 copies available from $1.64
Final issue; Indicia says June 1975Gary FriedrichPat Boyette