Predator: Dark River

    (Dark Horse, 1996)
™ and ©1987, 1996 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

It begins with the slaughter of an unarmed camera crew at the hands of an alien Predator—joined, it seems, by a tribe of natives. The action cuts to New York City where Schaeffer (the cop hero from Predator and Predator: Cold War) is looking for leads to the disappearance of his brother, Dutch. Dutch (played by Arnold Schwartzenegger) was the hero of the original Predator movie.

A violent confrontation with a crew of Colombian drug dealers gave Schaeffer the break he had been looking for. Under a rather severe interrogation, the man who had acted as a pilot for the drug runners told of a previous mission he had run in the jungle. He claimed to have been assigned to pick up the sole survivor of a disastrous covert operation, but the survivor (who seemed to be Dutch) had contracted a strange disease and was eventually dumped back in the jungle. But now Schaeffer—with the pilot in tow—is heading back to the jungle to find him.

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