Blood Feast

 BA7M   (Eternity)

Blood Feast ©1989 Epics International. All other content, unless specified, is ©1991 Eternity Comics, a division of Malibu Graphics, Inc.

Blood Feast has the dubious distinction of being the first of the American “splatter movies.” These were typically low budget gross-out films centering around teens, sex, and psychos wielding various sharp or blunt instruments of death. Regardless of who the villain was, the real star was the special effects man who would transform rubber, food coloring, and Karo syrup into the buckets of blood and body parts needed to give these films their desired effect.

In Blood Feast, a rich old woman engages a specialty caterer named Fuad Ramses to throw a party for her daughter that would not soon be forgotten. Little did the woman know that this caterer was a worshiper of Ishtar, and had been murdering teens for weeks as part of a bizarre sacrifice to his goddess. In each instance, a body part was stolen, yet no clues were left behind. Soon Fuad would have the parts he needed to complete his “authentic Egyptian meal”—and Ishtar would have her Blood Feast!

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