Sacrificed Trees

 SACT   (Mansion, 1994-1995)

and 1994 The Suzerain Group

One story tells of an angel, Zakiriah, cast out of Heaven, who can only return by performing 1,000 good deeds on Earth. Hes aided, or hindered, by a sarcastic recorder who means to ensure he completes his mission, which involves such random acts as saving a young woman from drowning and rescuing her father from pirates. In another short story, a mysterious man known throughout time (for he has lived many lives) as Donavan Crane travels about doing Gods work using unusual powers. Usually his work, too, involves rescuing innocents and punishing evil. His work has a price: when those he helps perish, he requests their eyes as payment.

This offbeat title mixes religion, violence, crime, punishment, and some degree of humor in one hard-to-pigeonhole mix.

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