The Spartans

 SKG3   (Black Bolt, 2003-2004)

™ and © 2003 Fred Reyes

The world is a dangerous place. Some threats—giant, fire–breathing monsters, for example—are too much for conventional military forces to handle. Naturally, it made sense for the United Nations to assemble a team of super–heroes to help keep the peace. The Spartans are that team. Unfortunately, like so many super–hero groups, this team’s having trouble getting its diverse egos to mesh. The appointed leader wears his crown reluctantly, while the natural leader chafes in a supporting role. Other team members face conflicts, both internal and external, which manifest at the worst possible times.

And as if all that weren’t bad enough, every U.N. member nation has a different idea as to just what the peacekeeping force should be used for… but will these warring factions be able to put aside their differences long enough to save the world from destruction?

— Andy Richardson

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