The Sabbat Worlds Crusade

    (Black Library, 2005)
ô and ©2005 Games Workshop Ltd. 2005

From the Publisher:

War in the Sabbat Worlds has raged for twenty years. The glorious armies of the Imperium battle the dread forces of Chaos in their bid to bring the sector back into the Emperorís embrace. Victory hands in the balance, and one mistake could seal the fate of billions.

The unaccountable hordes of Chaos vie for control over hundreds of populated planets. Battles are fought tooth and nail on land, in the air, and the depthless reaches of space. The Imperium forges into enemy held territory, but they face a foe that is both tenacious and organized. Move follows countermove, and the greatest tacticians of the age vie to out-think an enemy who forces the Imperium to pay for every advance with the blood of their sons and daughters.

This book is the official Imperium history of this ongoing campaign. The text is written by Antonid Biota, a senior tactician on the front line, who has been in the thick of combat right from the beginning.

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ca. 2005Dan AbnettJohn Blanche, Pete Borlace, Lee Carter, Chris Christopher, Dan Drane, Wayne England, Mark Harrison, Darius Hinks, Ralph Horsley, Stu Jennett, Dave Kendall, Nuala Kinrade, Karl Kopinski, Glenn More, Karl Richardson, Shaun Thomas, Tiernen Trevallion