(Antarctic, 1996)
and 1996 Antarctic Press

The ancient Egyptians believed that the coming of night signified the evil serpent god Apophis dominating the heavens, and that one day he would triumph forever. Centuries later, this belief might just be on the verge of coming true. An Egyptian named Sobek has lived some 4,000 years in devotion to Apophis, and he may finally have the technology to bring about that long-dreaded darkness. That is, unless Serina, of the warrior class established ages ago by Sekhmet, can put a stop to his plans. Serina, though, is a somewhat unorthodox loose cannon will her rebellious nature help or hurt her cause?

Joined by a warrior nun to combat the threat, Serina will soon learn if her training will enable her to capably represent the warrior cabal which now counts on her.

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Ashcan #1

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