Eternal Warriors: Time and Treachery

    (Acclaim, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Acclaim Comics, Inc.

The first of a series of Eternal Warriors one-shots, Time and Treachery, gives new insight into an immortal family—and unveils a mystery in which these immortals are being killed, one by one. Long a cornerstone of the Valiant universe, the immortal family is comprised of the sons of Mog: Aram (of Archer & Armstrong), Gilad (Eternal Warrior), Ivar (Timewalker) and their descendents and acolytes. They were given their immortality thousands of years ago by drinking from “the bloom” an alien substance which fell to earth, and which allows any who drink from it to heal almost any damage to their body. The limits of this healing factor, however, do not apparently extend to full dissection or being cut in half—the horrible fates which befell several of the family at the start of this special. Someone has terrible plans for the immortal family, and unless he is stopped, the age of the Eternal Warriors will be at an end.

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 Art HolcombDoug Tropea-Wheatley, John Floyd

#1 Ashcan Edition

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Review edition; ca. 1997  

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Painted cover