Jack Frost

 JACF   (Amazing, 1987)

™ and ©1986 Kevin VanHook

Jack Frost, a tough, bearded adventurer, is a pragmatist well-grounded in the real world. Yet he is constantly drawn into situations that strain his beliefs. Even if an old friend is sucking blood from helpless victims, Frost believes he faces a psychopath rather than a supernatural fiend.

A globetrotting hero, cruising the streets in a Lamborghini, Frost keeps a meerschaum pipe and semi-automatic pistol always close at hand. Jack’s eyes, sensitive to light, are shielded behind dark sunglasses, mirroring the nature of his enemies.

Whether it’s the seedy streets and sewers of Manhattan, or the mountains of Austria, Jack uses his deadly combat skills to help old friends or pay back foes with a “take-no-prisoners” attitude—even when his opponents appear to be more than human.

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B&WKevin VanHook, Lee HarmonKevin VanHook