(Screaming Cat, 1986)
™ and © 1986 Gregg Hinlicky and Screaming Cat Productions

When Doctor Alyk Elstrom acquired the power of molecular fragmentation, (through a rather arcane, mystical and incredible set of circumstances), his life as an accepted member of the aristocracy was no more. He became a dreaded “non-com” (non-conformist), in this convoluted tale of social disenfranchisement. Now he and Augustus, (a native from the unspecified country where Elstrom’s life was extraordinarily altered) are on the run from those who are after the secret of his fragmentation power.

Artist and writer Gregg Hinlicky attempts to get things going quickly by starting in the middle and telling the back-story at the same time. The story confusingly switches between the present and flashbacks using only rounded panel borders to indicate the time shift.

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 Celeste DeMarco, Gregg HinlickyGregg Hinlicky