Black Cross Special

    (Dark Horse, 1988)
™ and ©1986 & 1988 Chris Warner

This story first appeared in Dark Horse Presents #1. It tells of an event called “The Big Bang”: a calamity that shook the world, voided the government, and destroyed the rule of order. For a time, the constitution was suspended and all hell broke loose. Now, supposedly, it’s getting better. The world now consists of “green zones” where life is more or less secure, and “black zones”—including parts of California—where rebels and insurgents are hunted and shot on sight.

Conrad had spent years in Honduras, fighting just such a dirty little war. Now, despite the horrors he encountered, he finds himself transferred stateside to join a black zone patrol. Perhaps “death squad” would have been a more appropriate name for what it is they do. There are only two ways out for Conrad. The easy way is death. The hard way is to join the other side, to become a “black cross.” But then, Conrad was never one to do things the easy way…

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