Savage Henry: Powerchords

 SAHP   (Aeon, 2004)

™ and © Aeon

Matt Howarth's lovable electro-rocker, famous for both his own adventures and his appearances in Those Annoying Post Brothers, once again helps save the world. Naturally, he's also part of the reason the world needs saving in the first place.

It all starts at a flea market, where Henry and his friend Dave Brock, of the band Hawkwind, think they they've made a great deal on a classic amplifier. But when they give a rockin' performance using the tuned-up antique, they accidentally open an interdimensional doorway and end up squaring off against a bunch of demonic beings known as the Loud Ones.

Unfortunately, although Henry and Dave managed to stop the first wave, bootleg tapes of their recording session guarantee a repeat performance. Soon Savage Henry, with the help of various friends and musical guest–stars, finds himself on a whirlwind world–tour trying to stop the demonic invasion.

— Joseph Self

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