Vertigo: Winter’s Edge

    (Vertigo, 1998-2000)
™ and ©1988 DC Comics, Inc. Individual stories ™ and © their respective creators

Comic holiday stories have been a mainstay since the earliest days of the genre, but there has rarely been a more unlikely assemblage of Yuletide merrymakers as the lineup in the Vertigo: Winter’s Edge holiday special. Framed by a sequence featuring Rain from the House of Secrets series, Winter’s Edge offers an anthology of holiday-themed tales of the Invisibles, Nevada, the Minx, Books of Magic, Hellblazer, Sandman Mystery Theatre, and the rest, courtesy of Vertigo creators Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Matt Wagner, Steve Gerber, Steven T. Seagle, et al.

Highlights include Gaiman’s paean to the pagan roots of Yule, “The Flowers of Romance,” lushly painted by John Bolton; and Steve Gerber’s caustic Nevada yarn, “Piss on Earth.” This title is a nice stocking stuffer for Vertigo buffs and a lighthearted introduction to the publisher’s lineup for the uninitiated.

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Prestige format anthology; Wraparound coverCaitlín R. Kiernan, Peter Hogan, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, John Ney Rieber, Matt Wagner, Paul Jenkins, Peter Milligan, Steve Gerber, Steven Seagle, Neil GaimanDuncan Fegredo, John Bolton, Paul Pope, Phil Winslade, Steve Leialoha, Philip Bond, Sean Phillips, Glyn Dillon, Steve Parkhouse, Teddy Kristiansen, John K. Snyder


4 copies available from $5.99
Wraparound coverCaitlín R. Kiernan, Ed Brubaker, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, Peter Gross, Peter Milligan, Steve Gerber, Steven Seagle, Warren EllisDarick Robertson, Glyn Dillon, Jason Lutes, Jeff Jones, Michael Lark, Paul Rivoche, Phil Jimenez, Phil Winslade, Sean Phillips, Teddy Kristiansen


1 copy available for $12.99
 Brian Azzarello, Brian K. Vaughan, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Dave Gibbons, Ed Brubaker, Jamie Delano, Jeph Loeb, Neil Gaiman, Peter Gross, Warren EllisChris Bachalo, Darick Robertson, Dave Gibbons, Eduardo Risso, Goran Sudzuka, Roger Peterson, Michael Lark, Michael Zulli, Warren Pieece, Shawn McManus