The Dreamer

    (Kitchen Sink, 1986, 1988, 2000)
ô and © 1986 Kitchen Sink Press, Inc.

In the waning days of the Great Depression, the new medium of comics attracted a generation of eager young artists whose work launched the Golden Age. The magic of this innocent era is captured perfectly in Will Eisnerís autobiographical 1986 graphic novel, The Dreamer. Comic fans could hope for no better combination of historical significance and artistic power than what Eisner brings to this grand work. Eisner was present at the creation of the comics medium, founding one of the original studios with partner Jerry Iger and employees like Jacob Kurtzburg (soon to become Jack Kirby), Lou Fine and Jack Cole. He is also the inventor and supreme practitioner of the graphic novel, and the Dreamer is full of perfectly-paced and wonderfully-drawn anecdotes from the dawn of the comics era. DC has ensured that the Dreamer, along with all of Eisnerís groundbreaking work, remains in print in elegant, well-produced editions.

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