Dandy and Company: ANTHROLogy

    (Big Pond, 2004)
™ and © Big Pond

When he was eight years old, Derrick Fish drew a Snoopy–like mutt on a placemat to guard his computer class station. He built a comic strip around it in junior high, put it aside through high school and revived it while taking classes in graphic design and illustration. Today, “Dandy and Company” is a daily web comic with three printed collections available; this is the first issue of a bimonthly print magazine. Dandy is now established as a walking, talking Cairn Terrier who regularly exchanges jokes (mostly practical) and mudballs with his too trusting twelve-year old “owner,” Bernard Brooks. Fish openly expresses his love for Chuck Jones and Calvin and Hobbes, and it shows in the "stretch and squash" designs and the child’ perspective of grownups, neighbors, and those pesky invading aliens.

— Joe Trela

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