Miss Fury (Adventure)

    (Adventure, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Adventure Comics, a division of Malibu Comics Entertainment

Marlene decided to borrow a cat costume she found in her grandmother’s attic for a Halloween party. She couldn’t have guessed then that the costume would change her life—and lead her to uncover her secret family history.

On the way to the party, she encountered a crazed drug dealer who was threatening a young girl. Acting on instinct, she leapt into action, thrashing the thug but sustaining a knife wound herself. When she returned home, her father told her that the costume she wore belonged to the original Miss Fury, a World War II-era spy-smasher. What’s more, he informed her that her own grandmother, Marla Drake, had been the original Miss Fury. From there on, this four-issue series is an enjoyable romp as a new Miss Fury hits the streets. The only real complaint is with the impossibly complicated set of marriages, romances, and babies by different parents at the heart of Miss Fury’s origin—all of which were enough to strain the concentration of a fervent genealogist.

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1st appearance of Miss Fury (Marlene Drake); Origin of Miss FuryRoland MannMitch Byrd

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