Millennium Edition: The Spirit

    (DC, 2000)
ô and © DC Comics

DCís series of Millennium Edition reprints includes not only comics originally published by DC/National/All-American, but by companies whose properties it subsequently acquired, including Fawcett, Charlton and Quality. Qualityís The Spirit (2nd Series) #1 from 1944 is an interesting choice for the lineup. Though it is historically the first appearance of Will Eisnerís groundbreaking adventure/mystery hero in his own solo book (The Spirit was distributed in special 8-page newspaper sections in the 1940s and 50s), Quality Spirit #1 contains only one story out of six written and penciled by Eisner himself. Not that the artists who filled in for Eisner while he served in the Army were chopped liver: Lou Fine, Jack Cole and the rest were some of the best storytellers of the Golden Age. Itís just that the stories reprinted here are not representative of the pinnacle the character would reach during Eisnerís post-war years.

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