(ANIA, 1993)
©1993 and ™ U.P. Comics

Purge is Richard James Kinkaid. He lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a city torn by drugs and crime. Motivated by a desire to help his people—to do the right thing—he donned a costume and began the fight to purge his city of the forces that threaten to destroy it.

Highly idealistic at first, his quest is tempered by his encounter with a young man whose life he saves from drug dealers. Although grateful for the rescue, the young man tells Kinkaid to fight not the symptoms of the problem, such as the dealers and junkies, but the root cause. The young man’s view is that “the white man and foreigners” have brought drugs into the ghetto, and the real answer is to unite blacks against the problem.

This comic was among the first of the Afrocentric comics brought to us by ANIA (The Association of Black Comic Book Publishers).

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