D5JY   (Adventure, 1990-1991)

™ and ©1990 Harry Harrison

Imagine a planet where every living creature is trying to kill you. A planet with twice Earth’s gravity where the climate goes from arctic to tropical in a single day, and the beaches offer thirty-foot tides and volcanic activity. A planet where plants and animals are armor-plated, poisonous, and fang-mouthed. This is the planet Pyrrus, also known as Deathworld.

Now the man who can’t lose, a psionic gambler named Jason dinAlt, has taken the ultimate roll of the dice. He has traveled to Pyrrus to experience Deathworld firsthand. If he can survive the trip from the ship to the adaptation clinic, he’ll be gambling with his life every minute of the day.

This mini-series is adapted from the novel by Harry Harrison, popular science-fiction writer and creator of Stainless Steel Rat and Bill, the Galactic Hero.

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