The Timejump War

    (Apple, 1989)
ô and ©1989 Chuck Dixon and Enrique Villagren

From the Slings & Arrows Comic Guide:

Taking the entire first issue of only three to set up the idea that our heroes Doyle and Ron have jumped back through time, and incorporating an Alien homage along the way, seems awfully extravagant. From there itís cavemen vs. guns in #2, and guns vs. aliens vs. cavemen in #3. Chuck Dixon provides a decent enough, if undemanding, plot and Enrique Villagranís art is functional but decidedly old-fashioned. Anyone yearning for the type of story once occupying British boysí adventure comics will love Timejump War. ~FP

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B&WChuck DixonEnrique Villagran


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Includes preview of Vietnam Journal; B&WChuck DixonEnrique Villagran


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Final Issue; Includes first letters page; Includes preview of Blood of Dracula; B&WChuck DixonEnrique Villagran