Predator: Big Game

 PRBG   (Dark Horse, 1991)

™ and ©1991 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

A strange light streaks across the desert of Cibola, New Mexico, heralding the coming of a deadly visitor. An alien hunter, a Predator, has landed on Earth—and he’s searching for big game.

Not far away, a Navajo army private named Nakai senses the danger that approaches. Out on field duty the next day, his partner is brutally slain by an invisible assailant. Fleeing for his life, Nakai barely escapes to warn his commanding officer. After which, he is sworn to secrecy about the event. Apparently the army, which has discovered and impounded the Predator’s spacecraft, has plans of its own.

But is the army the hunter or the hunted? When facing an adversary as deadly as these Predators, one can never be too sure.

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