Re-Animator in Full Color

    (Adventure, 1991-1992)
™ and ©1985 Brian Yunza. Cover art ©1995 Dave Dorman and Brian Yunza

Third year med student Daniel Cain was in desperate need of a roommate when wonder-boy Herbert West arrived at Miskatonic University in need of a place with a basement. Cain discovers Herbert’s theories on reviving once-living tissue are not highly thought of and considered too radical by mainstream science, so he experiments in private on whatever (or whoever) he can lay his hands on. The problem is, he’s too successful in finding out that someone’s will to live extends to every part of a person’s body, even if that part is no longer connected to the rest of it.

This mini-series is the color adaptation of the 1985 classic motion picture “Re-Animator,” which in turn was based on Howard Philips Lovecraft’s short story classic from the 1920’s “Herbert West-Reanimator.”

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