DEML   (Atlas, 1975)

™ and ©1975 Atlas Comics, published by Seaboard Periodicals, Inc.

Not to be confused with the title by the same name published by Aircel, Atlas comics brought us the original Demon Hunter in 1975. It was published, mind you, with the approval of the Comics Code Authority, even though the subject matter is pretty gruesome.

Gideon Cross came home from Viet Nam in one piece, but life turned sour on him after that. He found some meaning in life however, when he joined a cult called the Harvesters of Night. Being a telepath, he was allowed to progress rapidly to the rank of Harvester of Eyes. His work progressed until one night he discovered the true purpose of the cult. Their plan was to call forth Astaroth, Grand Duke of Hell, to bring about the Xenogenesis, the repopulation of the earth by demons. Now Gideon must turn against the cult and their demon fathers…to save the Earth!

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1st Appearance of Gideon CrossDavid Anthony Kraft, Rich BucklerRich Buckler