Forbidden Worlds (A+)

    (A+, 1991)
™ and ©1991 A-Plus Comics

Reprints are a mixed blessing. Sometimes a publisher’s intent is genuine and allows readers an opportunity to obtain highly valued titles at cost-effective prices. All too often it’s a new cover surrounding regurgitated material from a cesspool of mendacity. These odiferous stories have been exhumed from deep within the waterlogged Charlton warehouse basement. Searching for notable writers‚ unknown stories or collecting cutting edge artwork? Forget about it. As a result, Ghostly Haunts, Ghost Manor and Ghostly Tales have seen the light of day—again. On the other hand, observing yak on frozen Asian tundra would be more suspenseful than reading this book.

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Reprints; B&WJim Aparo, Pat BoyetteJim Aparo, Pat Boyette, Steve Ditko