Hellboy Jr.

 HELJ   (Dark Horse, 1999, 2004)

™ and ©1999 Mike Mignola. Stories © the respective creators

Mike Mignola’s creation isn’t in every story of this wickedly twisted two-issue anthology, and the writer/artist doesn’t write or draw all of the stories, but that’s a small matter.

Stories include Little Hellboy’s psychedelic adventure when he orders magical mushrooms from a comic book, an experience that leaves him open to the cunning of Idi Amin, who’s roasting away in Hell. A love story from the Alaskan wilderness proves that even the mutant offspring of a human lumberjack and his alien wife can find true love, if they’re willing to compromise a bit. And a Lovecraftian tale of a mad scientist, his creation and his assistant takes an unexpected twist when the bride of the monster is cobbled together.

Contributors include Bill Wray on stories, with art by Dave Cooper, Pat McEown and Mignola.

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 Bill WrayDave Cooper, Mike Mignola, Pat McEown, Glenn Barr


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 Mike Mignola, Bill WrayHilary Barta, Mike Mignola, Bill Wray

Book #1

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 Mike Mignola, Bill WrayHilary Barta, Mike Mignola, Bill Wray

Book #1 (2nd printing)

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 Mike MignolaGlenn Barr