HEA1   (Antarctic, 1998)

™ and ©1998 Herb Mallette

This black-and-white title from Antarctic Press takes place in the future, but “how far it is…doesn’t matter.” Head-Buster is a one-man SWAT team, and this book finds him going toe-to-toe with Headbuggers, human beings who have “distorted heads, weird physiques, inhuman powers, and…they’re all addicted to the juice of an other-dimensional symbiotic slug.” Not really something we have to face every day, eh? Still, writer Herb Mallette wields metaphors pretty handily and seems to take some shots at hospital policies, HMO’s, and addicts, among other things. Unfortunately, the story is a good bit sharper than the artwork, which seems rather weightless and sketchy.

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B&WHerb MalletteTommie Löfqvist