Urza-Mishra War on the World of Magic: The Gathering

    (Armada, 1996)
ô and ©1996 Wizards of the Coast

On the world of Dominaria, a pall of dread and fear has settled on the continent of Terisiare. The conflict between the brothers Urza and Mishra is escalating beyond control. Mishra is tough and warlike. Urza is a gentle soul but brave fighter. Their families are torn apart, cities are leveled, and entire kingdoms are becoming embroiled in their rivalry. But now, huddled behind the walls of the Ivory Tower, a newly forged Council of Five Colors hatches a desperate plan to save the world. With time running out, can even their combined magics stop this endless conflict?

The second in a projected trilogy of comic adaptations of the entire Brotherís War, this self-contained one-shot is based on the world of the Magic: The Gathering collectable card game.

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1 copy available for $49.99
Squarebound; Polybagged with Soldevi Steam Beast cardJerry ProsserBill Sienkiewicz, Tom Mandrake


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Squarebound; Polybagged with Soldevi Steam Beast and Phyrexian War Beast cardsJerry ProsserBill Sienkiewicz, Tom Mandrake