Last Avengers

 LASA   (Marvel, 1995)

™ and ©1995 Marvel Entertainment Group

Several years in the future, in a universe parallel to our own, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are about to face their final battle. Most of the old guard are already gone: Thor, Hercules, and the Thing were killed in the Great Cataclysm years before. The Hulk had become utterly evil and attacked his own teammates, killing Tigra and Wonder Man before dying himself. Captain America became president—only to be gunned down in the third year of his office. The rest were gone or retired, and a new group of Avengers took their place. Then someone dropped a bomb on the Avengers’ headquarters, slaying the new group.

Afterward, Hank Pym was visited by Ultron-59 and told to warn the surviving heroes. A coalition of villains led by Kang and Ultron-59 were about to wage a final battle against the old Avengers. Pym and the rest were hopelessly outclassed, but it got worse: Kang had already been to the future, read how it would turn out…and was smiling.

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