(Arcana, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Arcana Studio

From the Publisher:

Spanning the space between existence and dreams an unknown darkness is unfurling its wings across the dimensions, slowly wrapping our world within its grasp. Should the gates between worlds open, nothing will be as it was…

In a dimension where magic and technology coexisted, an Empire comprised of an amazing and powerful species fell apart. The traitors who were responsible for the downfall fled to remote Earth to hide the B’s medallion stolen from the Emperor. However, they were trespassing where they didn’t belong and are now forced to do the bidding of Atlantis. Several millennia have passed since then, and now the traitors [have been tasked to] reconstruct the barrier protecting the Earth from other dimensions.

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B&W; ca. 2005Tiffany LeiTiffany Lei