Iceman (1st Series)

    (Marvel, 1984-1985)
ô and ©1984 Marvel Entertainment Group

Iceman, a founding member of the Uncanny X-Men and onetime member of the Defenders, finally gets a (limited) series of his own. Taking the opportunity to develop this long-running character, Marvel concentrates on Icemanís personal life, pausing only briefly to have him battle the obligatory super-villains.

A good little mini-series, Iceman gives the frosty X-Man a chance to come into his own as a character.

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Origin of Iceman (Bobby Drake)J.M. DeMatteisAlan Kupperberg


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 J.M. DeMatteisAlan Kupperberg


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 J.M. DeMatteisAlan Kupperberg


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Final issueJ.M. DeMatteisAlan Kupperberg