Bill & Tedís Bogus Journey

    (Marvel, 1991)
ô and ©1991 Nelson Films, Inc.

This one-shot faithfully adapts the sequel to surprise hit Bill & Tedís Excellent Adventure. The Southern-Cal teen heroes of the first adventure had been destined to bring on a Golden Age of coolness, thanks to the power of their bandís music. But the dread DeNomolos, a power-hungry man from the future seeks to stop this age from occurring. As such, he sends robot doubles of Bill & Ted back in time to kill the teens and take their places. The really funny part is that the Val-speaking robots actually succeed in their plan, and Bill & Ted spend most of the special in the netherworld. Much merriment ensues as they must beat Death himself in several contests (Battleships, then Clue, then Twister) in order to be returned to life.

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