Legion of Stupid Heroes

    (Alternate Concepts, 1997-1998)
©1998 Johnny Lauck, John R.G. Barrett, Scott Himebaugh, Chas Gillen.

Not to be confused with the one-shot Legion of the Stupid-Heroes, this title nevertheless takes on the same mission of lampooning popular costumed characters. Published by Johnny Lauck (The Comic Book Index) and Alternate Concepts, it’s a series of gag strips starring such characters as Tubs-Mariner, Flaming Armpit, Captain Almost, and Puff—a dragon.

The gags are mostly short, one-page affairs, reminiscent of Britain’s Beano. A letterhack whose note appeared in issue #3’s letter column probably summed it up the best when he write “It looks pretty good, and the jokes, while juvenile and silly and gross, nonetheless work.”

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 Johnny LauckChas Gillen


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 Dustin Krcatovich, John Barrett, Johnny Lauck, Linc Polderman, Rick SchmitzBrian Briggs, Charles Burgoon, Chas Gillen, Danny Watson, Dustin Krcatovich, Linc Polderman, Randall Davis, Richard Tomasic


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 John Barrett, Johnny Lauck, Richard TomasicCharles Burgoon, Chas Gillen, Danny Watson, Donnie Page, Earl Geier, Richard Tomasic, Rick Schmitz


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 John Barrett, Johnny Lauck, Rick SchmitzCharles Burgoon, Chas Gillen, Danny Watson, Donnie Page, Earl Geier, Rick Schmitz