Tank Vixens

 TANV   (Antarctic, 1994-1996)

™ and © 1993 Mike Sagara

This black-and-white title from Antarctic Press tells the story of the ongoing struggle between the democratic, peace-loving Pan Vulpine Coalition and a would-be dictatorship, the Vole Imperium. To stop the Vole Imperium, the Coalition has formed an all-female tank squadron—the 101st Heavy Tank Crusing Battalion. Sure, they’re going to stop the spread of intergalactic fascism, but they’re also going to pose in the nude and arch their back in impossible ways. That’s what you want from warriors, eh?

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 Mike Sagara, Paul KiddMike Sagara, Paul Kidd


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 Paul KiddMike Sagara


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 Paul KiddMike Sagara


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Adult; B&WPaul KiddMike Sagara