MOOX   (Caliber, 1989)

™ and ©1989 Shapiro-Glickenhaus Entertainment

Moontrap is the comic book adaptation to the motion picture of the same name, starring Walter Koenig (“Chekhov”) of Star Trek fame.

The story begins with the space shuttle Camelot, commanded by Commander Ray Tanner and Colonel Jason Grant. The two astronauts discover a space station of obvious alien origin. After a quick search of the place, Grant discovers a human skeleton and an odd artifact. When the Camelot returns to Earth, Grant’s superiors investigate the findings. They are shocked when the artifact takes control of the skeleton and turns into a murderous robotic mechanism. After killing the alien mechanism, the two astronauts are sent back to the alien station to investigate further, where they find a live human female. They also find hundreds more of the artifacts, which are coming to life at an alarming rate. Can the two space travelers protect the woman and the Earth?

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Movie adaptation; B&WTex RagsdaleGary Kwapisz