Shadow Comics #3

Street & Smith     May, 1940

1st Appearance of Norgil the Magician

Untitled Shadow story; The Avenger: Death in the Glass Mountain; Doc Savage: The Smoke of Eternity; Death Code (text story); Carrie Cashin: Can You Solve It? The Death of Pinky; Dick’s Luck; filler: Glenn Cunningham; Iron Munro and the Tefflans; Norgil the Magician: Norgil—Thief; Frank Merriwell at College: The Eight-Oared Shell Game; Nick Carth: The Mysterry of the Opera Star’s Death; Bill Barnes: An Attack on America; filler: Stars That Shine/Cinema Tricks

 Maxwell Grant, Walter B. Gibson as Maxwell Grant, Horatio Alger Jr.

 Vernon Greene

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