Armadillo Comics #2

Rip Off     January, 1971


From Deep In the Heart of Texas (pin-up); Big Armadillo and Little Armadillo (pin-up); Alternate Route (pin-up); An Illustration; The Glyptodon; Each One Starts Out in a Different Direction and Ends Up in the Same Place; Lightnin [sic] Hopkins (pin-up); Oat Willie Disguised As an Armadillo Detection Device Riding Thru a Field of Pumpkins Disguised As Aramadillios [sic] (pin-up); The Famous Texas Underground Pass!; Survival In the Desert; Ripped Off…; It Happens Every Time!; The Famous First Flight of Transarmadillo Airways’ Famous First Heavier-Than-Air Craft Made of Two Giant Enchiladas; Shiva’s Headband; Captain Beefheart (pin-up); Sweet Funk; The Plaster of Paris Defender of Bad Taste in The Case of The Statuary Rape; Never Bite Off More Than You Can Chew!; Foto-Booth; For James Cotton; The Tower of the University of Texas, Austin (pin-up); Oh say? Can? You see?; How To Catch Worms Without Using Bait!; U.S.Armydillo; Why Does the Umbrella Hover Above the Mother Armadillo? (pin-up); Drawing of Jim Franklin by Captain Beefheart (pin-up)

 Jim Franklin, Don Van Vliet

 Jim Franklin, Don Van Vliet, Meggan Durden

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