Fantaco’s Chronicles Series #4

FantaCo     August, 1982


Gentlemen’s Gentleman (text); Avengers Assemble (text); The Vision (text); Captain America Lives Again!!; War of the Superheroes (text); Avengers Assembly; Paperback Avengers (text); A Conversation with Steve Englehart (text); Alternate Avengers (text); The Kree-Skrull War (text); Never Walk Barefoot on the Pavement!; Yellowjacket’s Personal Problem (text); Who Am I This Month? (text); The Justice League…That Wasn’t (text); The Avengers and the Marvel Universe (text); The Avengers Checklist (text)

 John Carkner Sr., Lou Mougin, Fred Hembeck, Roger Green, Joey Cavalieri, Don Martinec, Daniel Schweiger, J.A. Fludd, Rich Morrissey, Bill Townsend, Rocco Nigro, Diana Schutz

 John Byrne, Joey Cavalieri, Bruce Fuller, Michael T. Gilbert, Michael Golden, Fred Hembeck, Don Martinec Jr., George Pérez, Dave Simons

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