DCU Villains Secret Files #1

DC     April, 1999

1st Appearance of Word

The Evil We Do; Lost Pages: Vandal Savage vs. Resurrection Man; A Day in the Life of The Body Doubles; Infernal Villains: Etrigan Meets Neron; The Ravens’ Rap Sheet; Malefic; The Slab Map; Mr. Mind Maze; Solaris Schematic; Vandal Savage’s Trophy Room

 Dan Curtis Johnson, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Alan Grant, Chuck Dixon, John Ostrander, Eliot Brown, Erik Doescher, Scott Beatty, Geoff Johns

 Eric Canete, Phil Winslade, Joe Phillips, Ariel Olivetti, Jason Orfalas, Tom Mandrake, Eliot Brown, Erik Doescher, Val Semeiks, Barry Kitson, Lee Moder, Derec Aucoin, John McCrea, Dusty Abell, Rags Morales, Norm Breyfogle, Peter Krause, Anthony Williams, J.H. Williams III

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